Introduction 02

Vores fællessprog is based on word classes in Chapters 1–7. Chapter 8 describes the different members of a sentence and their positions in the sentence. The Danish version is on the left-hand page and it has been translated into the foreign language in question on the right-hand page.

To facilitate the reading process a Mini-dictionary has been included which offers explanations of words that are not explained in the individual sections. In addition there is an explanation of how a sentence is analysed.

Vores fællessprog is intended for beginners, and at an intermediate level for people who have not necessarily learnt a foreign language before and therefore require some tools for the learning of a foreign language. We have, therefore, chosen to include only the basic and essential grammatical rules, whereas the exceptions from the rules and the finer points of the language as a whole have been excluded. All examples are written in the most simple language possible. The most essential words or letters in each paragraph have been accentuated in bold-type in both the Danish and the English text where possible. This is not possible, for example, where we wish to demonstrate the regular conjugation of the verb, and the particular Danish verb which is being translated is not regular in the foreign language.

Vores fællessprog is available in the following languages: French, Spanish, Persian, Tyrkish, Swahili, Arabic, Serbo-croatian, English, Vietnamese and Somali. The Danish section is identical in all editions but, of course, different in the comparative sections. It is possible to use Vores fællessprog in a group consisting of many nationalities. The numbering is identical in all editions.